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Li-Ning Gamma 1 - Ray Burst

Li-Ning Gamma 1 - Ray Burst

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Gamma-instantaneous defense breaking
Inspired by marathon running shoes, a pair of "racing machines" built for the pursuit of faster speeds allow you to run as fast as you want on the field.

Ray burst
The most powerful energy body known in the universe. A millisecond of a second, releasing a century of energy from the Milky Way. In a fraction of a second, super speed can be achieved and defenses can be broken instantly.

Lightning and flint, breaking through tight defenses

Three major fusion points create high-speed power
① Flexible and free, US9 295g is as light as nothing, and the new high-rise shoe last.
②The bullet speed is more powerful, and the carbon core is made of beveled carbon plates throughout the palm.
③The shoe and foot are integrated, the weight is evenly distributed, and the [atomic lattice] "beng" insole is used.

Thousands of hard work to create a pure "competition machine"
Brand new shoe last, dual-mold integrated TPU, [activated] carbon core, upgraded anti-slip outsole, heel TPU lock, [atomic lattice] "beng" insole.

Flexible speed, super acceleration, pursuit of faster gamma speed
LIGHTWEIGHT: 295g Lighter, faster and more nimble. Feel as light as nothing and release your feet. Running throughout the field saves energy.
Warping: Brand new shoe last, more warped, faster. Derived from the high-rise scoop-shaped structure of marathon racing shoes.
Ling: Three-dimensional force makes the movements more natural. Running is more natural, and the front and rear palms are more curved. The direction change is more natural, the forefoot is closed in a semi-circular arc, and the heel is more rounded. Braking is more natural and TPU provides precise support.

Carbon Core Drive System---Carbon "beng" integrated, starts immediately
Li Ning's new midsole flick technology system, the integrated blend of force-guiding carbon plate and "beng" material, releases energy more comprehensively. While improving landing rebound and starting direction change speed, it also ensures mid-waist stability.

Energy hidden inside, high performance throughout
Radical full-length beveled carbon plate: the front fork is flexibly activated, the mid-section is turned up for anti-torsion support, and the rear section is hollowed out to enhance the sense of balance and the integrity of the shoe and foot.

Low center of gravity and cushioning feel. It has an ultra-low center of gravity while also taking into account the cushioning feel. Efficient kinetic energy transmission, cushioning when landing, and powerful starting speed. Land recovery - transitional conduction - quick start, providing a steady stream of power for the entire run.

Fits all around and locks your feet firmly
The shoe and foot are integrated, without feeling or binding, the weight is evenly distributed, and it feels like there is nothing on the upper foot. [Atomic lattice] "beng" insole, the shoe and foot are integrated into one, locking the feet without displacement. Anti-slip yarn shoelaces can be tied more firmly and strengthen the wrapping. The cat tongue cloth on the heel locks the heel and prevents the heel from falling off when taking off.

Upgraded anti-slip, long-lasting wear resistance
Upgraded anti-slip outsole, combined with super gripping texture, is anti-slip and wear-resistant in multiple scenarios.

Stable support, strong wrapping
Flying saucer carbon plate + dual-mold integrated TPU + heel TPU to maintain foot stability during exercise.
Gamma's yarn is 100% TPU drawn into filament, which is strong and flexible. Combined with large-area reinforcement, it brings a light, transparent and strong sense of tight wrapping. Carved hollow + raised tongue, filled with positive and negative electrodes, breathable and comfortable.

The energy explodes and is dazzling.
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