Collection: Li Ning Super Light

The core function is upgraded again, and the actual combat experience is lighter than light. Super light basketball shoes have been practiced for ten years, and the more they practice, the lighter they become, and the lighter they become, the stronger they become. The core function has been upgraded again, and super light V2 responds to all changes with lightness, giving you an actual combat experience that is lighter than light.

The weight of the shoe body is only 335g, and the fit and low-cut design can lift the weight as lightly as possible, making it more comfortable in actual combat (*the weight of a single size 42 shoe is 335g). Three kinds of upper materials can flexibly respond to different sports states. There is also the blessing of the new Beng silk technology, which greatly reduces the weight of the shoe body and helps you accurately control every step.

Li-Ning's beng silk yarn is drawn by Li-Ning. Compared with traditional yarns, BOOM FIBER is lighter, tougher, more durable, and more breathable. The foot wrapping and heat dissipation are comprehensively improved.

Strong carbon fiber cloth, enhanced tensile capacity. The shoe body is stable and not easy to deform, paying tribute to the ultra-light classic design. Increased side wrap protection on the shoe body. COOL SHELL cool and breathable technology, 360°circulation and breathability, effective cooling, keep calm and comfortable at all times.

Forefoot Li-Ning beng flick technology + midsole LIGHTFOAM PLUS starts faster and responds more sensitively. Immediately shot, easy to release talent. High-strength nylon 12 support piece, stable support, silky smooth direction change, providing safety protection for high-intensity competition and large-scale movements, allowing you to open your pace and conquer a larger arena.