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Austin Reaves x Rigorer Shark 2.0 Waterproof Slipper - Chibi

Austin Reaves x Rigorer Shark 2.0 Waterproof Slipper - Chibi

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Fish fins glide across the water's surface, poised to strike. A wave of heat hits, head-on into this summer. Continuing the design inspiration from the "Shark Generation," the upgrade and iteration bring forth a new posture.

Four Major Skill Upgrades to Increase Shark Power:

  • The shark 2.0 insole is thickened for a 35-degree softness that's more comfortable.
  • The midsole TPU is enlarged, providing continuous power to propel your feet.
  • The outer lateral fin-shaped TPU enhances anti-side-roll attributes.
  • The oval-shaped slot on the shell strengthens the unity of the shoe and foot.

Bouncy Step, Full Marks for Foot Comfort:

  • The midsole uses ETPU physical foaming material, soft and bouncy. It injects surging energy into your feet, allowing you to walk ten thousand steps without fatigue.

Detachable Slippers:

  • The midsole is designed to be detachable, making cleaning more convenient; it eliminates dirt and odors, ensuring cleanliness from the inside out.

Effortless Walking with Powerful Shoes:

  • The enlarged midsole TPU anti-twist plate improves force conduction; it provides a stable landing and propulsion, making daily wear more effortless.

Aesthetics and Performance, Dual Upgrades:

  • The shoe's outer side features an oversized fin-shaped TPU anti-roll design, enhancing the sidewall's support and bringing more stability.

Give Your Feet a Spacious "Bedroom":

  • Width 100.5MM, height 65.5MM; the interior space is widened and heightened, accommodating wide and thick feet.

Shoes and Feet as One, Naturally in Tune:

  • The shoe's inner side increases the oval-shaped slots between the insole and the shell. It enhances the shoe's wrapping around the foot, preventing the foot from slipping inside the shoe.

Something Different:

  • The side TPU is made with a flow pattern process, making each pair slightly different; like fine water ripples, wavy and undulating, full of life and strength.

Light Work on the Feet, Windows Opened for the Shoes:

  • The side walls and bottom are designed with openwork, allowing the feet to breathe. It reduces the weight of the shoes, making them lighter and more comfortable.

Steady and Secure Wherever You Go:

  • According to the force, the tread pattern goes from deep to shallow, increasing the anti-slip effect. It can firmly grip the ground, saying goodbye to slipping on the road.

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