Collection: Xtep Levitation 7

Fast as hell. Inheriting the will of JLIN in the past, iterative innovation is faster. Levitation 7, created at the right time, was born for speed guards to break the limit.

Inspired by the "suspension bridge", the arc-shaped structure is hollowed out to resist torsion, and the shoe body is lightened to defeat the enemy quickly and break through at will.

The midsole is equipped with Featherfoam technology, and the forefoot is equipped with explosive rebound technology. The kinetic energy is strong, fully activate the engine under one step, assist in a quick counterattack, and defeat the enemy in one step.

Rear palm tray type TPU structure + built-in booster structure. Energy transmission brings a strong push back feeling, faster and more explosive power.

Lightweight and light-weight midfoot hollow structure, strong and anti-torsion, can break through freely, making every movement free.

The single-layer breathable mesh is light and strong, taking into account the strength of the upper and the breathability and comfort of the feet, helping to maintain the state of the field at all times.

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