Collection: Spencer Dinwiddie x 361° DVD1

On December 16, 361° held a press conference in Xiamen to launch the brand spokesperson "Spencer Dinwiddie" exclusive signature basketball shoes DVD1, attracting many basketball fans to stop here.

In January of this year, 361° signed NBA professional basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie as the 361° brand spokesperson. Just 4 months later, Dinwiddie led the team to the NBA Western Conference semifinals with his outstanding performance, demonstrating 361°'s professionalism and forward-looking in the basketball field.

As the organizer of the team's offense, the importance of guards can be imagined, and basketball shoes with excellent performance are especially important for players' performance on the field. 361° brand new basketball shoes DVD1, specially developed for defenders, focus on the needs of players in this position, and give them a better experience on the court with the combination of ultimate design and technology.

The overall design of DVD1 fully considers the needs of actual combat. The low-top design gives the ultimate guard experience and helps every quick start. The whole shoe includes a 361° new dynamic binding system, self-developed ENRG-X midsole material, high-hardness nylon torsion piece and stable heel TPU bracket, giving the product a full range of technological support. DVD1 adopts brand-new defender shoes sandalwood, with high-strength upper materials, and a 7mm drop between the forefoot keel and the back palm keel, making it have a super wrapping feeling and an extremely ground-fitting feeling.

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