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"氚 Tritium" technology midsole refreshes your bounce record. The rebound rate can reach more than 60%, which brings full energy power to every take-off.

Microcellular foamed EVA, more powerful when stepped on. Composed of multiple sets of independent airtight airbags, the jump is light and unburdened.

Airtight gasbag density (weight), Sniper 2 basketball shoes reduced by 20%

Dynamic rebound, Sniper 2 basketball shoes increased by 30%

The forefoot TPEE speed bullet technology launches a catapult attack. Instantly activated, tearing through defenses at speed. The TPU on the back palm is supercritical, and it lands firmly. The elastic cushioning device releases the pressure on the sole of the foot.

The special-shaped TPU anti-torsion stabilizer improves the anti-torsion support of the whole shoe and reduces the risk of sports injuries. Balance anti-rollover, think fast. It supports quick change of direction, cutting in, and stable moves without compromising strength.

Innovative dynamic flying line, bound but not bound. Improve the wrapping force of the whole shoe and firmly fix the feet. No matter how wild the pace is, it can always stick together. The asymmetric shoe mouth design is extracted from the slanted runway design of the aircraft carrier, which fits the foot shape better.

Strong and wear-resistant, win this protracted battle. Durable anti-slip, steady grip, adaptable to different court surfaces. Wavy shading, chasing after the body, surpassing others without worry. It provides all-round grip and can easily cope with high-intensity court rush.

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