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RIGORER Hydrogen 1,frivolous and fearless, Hydrogen strikes! Use this pair to break through dunks, phantom confrontation and run away without a trace, and compete in the ball game!

Hydrogen: Convergence of air waves, shadowless whirlwind, light flight.
氕: Mobile AIRSAC 氕 technology, midsole loading, cloud battle, subverting the "light" aesthetics of sports functions, power and battery life, light as if there is no trace.

Touch bottom bounce, quick score:
The forefoot fills the abdomen with fast-playing EVA, activating the engine with one step. The back palm fills the critical value, releasing the power of strong feedback. Once started, full blown and turned around.

Carbon plate support, breaking through the blockade:
Longji technology, technology BUFF plus support. The carbon plate in the midsole is equipped with H-shaped rubber twill, which can firmly grip the ground, help to break through the encirclement, and compete in the game.

Light and unrestrained:
Lightweight nylon mesh overlay lets your foot breathe freely. Hearty stadium, shaping the dynamic performance on the field.

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