Collection: Peak Taichi Surging Big Triangle 2.0

Equipped with a new upgraded full palm P-POPUP Peak surging technology, innovative midsole materials, using high-performance thermoplastic elastomers, prepared through supercritical foaming technology.

With secondary molding treatment, the tear resistance is more stable, reducing compression deformation and returning to the athlete, helping to explode stronger sports performance, and the rebound rate is higher than 70%.

The drop between the front and back palms is reduced, and Peak's lightweight Taichi technology module is embedded in the rear palm to increase the cushioning limit. The overall center of gravity is lowered, and everything is for quick response and regaining the sense of venue.

The midsole surrounds the TPU at 220°, and is designed with double triangular ribs on the outside to form a surging "stability cage", which ensures support and guides the surging kinetic energy in a directional manner.

With the built-in support piece, it contains carbon fiber material, which strengthens the overall resistance to torsional deformation of the shoe body, releases flexibility to the greatest extent, and rejects the experience of board feet.

Dengfeng color matching application, Peak Taichi leno material, has stronger ductility and dynamic adaptive properties. Ice cream and obsidian color matching use high-performance mesh material, which has stronger wrapping and locking properties.

The innovative custom-made yarn embroidered upper is designed and arranged according to the analysis of sports force, and it is composed of three kinds of wire materials with different physical properties, which are layered and interlaced.

It follows the change of gait to form a dynamic fit feeling, which is as soft and fit as a sock and securely supported like an armor.

Anti-slip wear-resistant rubber outsole, parametric design, adopts multi-dimensional triangular arrangement lines to ensure grip performance in all directions.

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