Collection: Peak Taichi Lightning 2020

SUPER P-MOTIVE magic bullet technology, the rebound rate is as high as 55%. Starts quickly and responds responsively.

PEAK-TAICHI technology is embedded in the back palm, which makes the weight of the shoe lighter and more balanced landing cushioning. Start emergency stop switching freely.

When walking slowly, the molecules separate from each other, like bare feet on the surface of the sea. When running fast, the molecules interlock and lock together to give you a springback feel.

Innovative technology upper, TPU material + high performance same cloth. Strengthen the impact resistance and durability of all parts of the shoe body, light and transparent, and the state of exercise is always online. The TPU anti-twist support piece is added to stabilize the force transmission before and after the transition. High-quality wear-resistant rubber outsole, with anti-slip grip lightning texture, easy to cope with different venues.

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