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Peak Taichi Flash 3 is crafted with great care, and the brand-new shoes bid farewell to "fat and bloated". The silhouette is exquisite and capable, the lines are slender, and it fits tightly to the package. It has a strong sense of speed and can penetrate the defense line with strength.

Super magic bullet technology in the forefoot, the rebound rate is as high as 65%, the start is quick, the response is sensitive, and the rebound is increased by 18%.

Lightweight taichi technology PEAK-TAICHI
The back palm is extremely lightweight and provides more balanced landing cushioning. When you walk slowly: The molecules separate from each other, like bare feet on a sponge. When you're running fast: Molecules interlock and lock together to give you a springback feel.

A new and improved Y-shaped carbon plate is added to the bottom, which flexibly transitions between different forces on the front and back palms, and provides strong support to stabilize and protect the feet.

Lightweight shoe body treatment + midsole "one mold double density" cushioning technology = ultra-light weight, only 350g for a size 41 shoe.

Wrap around heel, ankle foam "pillow" wrap, and wrap around TPU for firm support.

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