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Peak taichi 5.0 adapt running shoes, can become soft when walking and elastic when running. The design comes from the triangle that symbolizes mountain peaks and climbing, maintain confidence and continue to explore.

To adapt To the Peak
Peak's self-developed polymer smart material technology can recognize different speeds of the wearer and automatically adjust the elastic modulus of the midsole. The foot feels soft and elastic when walking, and changes to high elastic when running.

Run farther, run with less effort, run easily, reduce energy consumption, reduce burden, and improve comfort.

Adapt running shoes are fast and slow
Say goodbye to being out of breath! It can automatically adjust the softness and hardness of the midsole according to the runner's weight and pace to provide just the right rebound.

Adaptive technology, the most powerful upgrade to date. The rebound coefficient has improved by leaps and bounds, and the rebound response is on call. Lightweight and continuously upgraded, the excellent state-of-the-art adaptive technology performance can be experienced immediately.

Size 41 weighs 235 grams, a 25% reduction in weight.

Enhanced flex and weave with large raised dots.
Enhanced wrapping, twist weaving
Breathability is improved, high-elastic elastic + mesh weave.
Enhanced toughness, TPU thread support.
Increased strength, compact small bump design.

The TPEE anti-twist sheet on the arch of the foot is presented with the largest area ever, with higher stability and stronger elasticity for pushing and assisting.

The outsole is covered with anti-slip triangular particles, and the anti-slip coefficient is 0.75, which has passed the national chemical experiment test.

Three ways to express your ideas: full tie, half tie, no tie.

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