Collection: Li Ning Yu Shuai Evolution

The design is inspired by images of wormholes that often appear in science fiction movies. The special-shaped hollow TPU and the forefoot carbon plate are combined to form a new hollow midsole structure, which meets the overall stability of the midsole and provides force transmission from the midfoot to the forefoot. The lateral hollows ensure the support of the midsole while providing cushioning performance.

The vertical hollow and mesh design can effectively increase the breathability and keep the air flow inside the shoe during intense exercise. The parametric outsole rubber design, according to the force distribution of the sole function, adopts the parametric texture design outsole to provide the functional requirements of different areas, and is specially made for actual combat.

The COOL SHELL upper increases the overall wrapping of the shoe body while increasing the breathability. BOA performance fit system, tongue BOA knob lacing. With the Velcro design in the middle of the shoe body, it can be put on and taken off quickly, and the ankle is locked to improve stability.