Collection: Li Ning Wade All City 10

Built-in Li-Ning beng midsole flick technology in the whole palm: surging rebound, full kinetic energy. Powerful cushioning with reduced wear and tear. Lightweight and comfortable, boost to start, detonate sports performance.

Cloud midsole technology, cushioning protection: Equipped with full palm Li-Ning Cloud technology, it also has cushioning and rebound performance. Comprehensively improve the wearing experience and help you enter the state immediately.

Reflective design, enjoy the highlight moment
The upper is made of textile that is lightweight and breathable. It brings a comfortable foot feeling and helps to output good sports performance. The heel TPU and colorful Wade logo are both supportive and aesthetic.

Arch stabilization tray + rubber flip up, multi-directional support and protection
The anti-rollover is upgraded again, and the arch is solid, strong and stable. Provide support performance, support the arch of the foot during the propulsion stage, and effectively reduce the burden on the arch of the foot.

With the outer rubber turn-up + outer TPU support piece, the upper fits better with the foot, providing better wrapping and locking for changing directions, stabilizing the feet, and making quick and agile steps.