Collection: Li Ning Speed 9

Li-Ning beng silk yarn is made from Li-Ning beng. The density of beng silk is only 1.04G/CM³, which is 17% lower than that of human hair. 24% lighter than traditional MONO yarn. Inheriting the characteristics of lightness, toughness and durability, combined with a more special weaving technology.

The Li-Ning beng midsole flick technology is adopted to effectively release the burden on the feet and start faster with a flick. Every moment of leaving the ground is a surge of energy, helping players to attack and feel comfortable in the increasingly fierce competition.

The PROBAR LOC stabilizer is embedded in the midsole arch. Provide strong support and protection, effectively reduce the fatigue of the arch of the foot, help to attack quickly, and turn to attack at any time.

SOLID SYSTEM is an adjustable upper wrapping device. According to wearing needs, adjust the tightness of the vamp to improve the fit and comfort of the shoe.