Collection: Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci Rise

Whether it is v. or n. "RISE" represents the understanding of the principles of basketball and the transcendence of the exploration of functional limits. The driving force of RISE is not who I want to be, but to save energy time after time, reshape my genes, break through the upper limit time after time, and become a better self. I have to say, this is very RISE.

Qiaodan Sports joined hands with brand spokesperson Keldon Johnson to use technology to help every step, and launched a new basketball shoe, fengci RISE. Initiate another self-exploration and rapid ascension.

The forefoot is equipped with Qi LIGHT flicking technology, which has a flicking feel and quick response. The back palm is equipped with Qi PRO soft elastic technology, which has strong rebound and excellent cushioning to prevent sports injuries.

The insole is equipped with Qi TURBO technology, and with the five-toed shovel-shaped PEBA booster plate, it optimizes the experience of front and rear palm force transmission, and provides a strong "push back feeling" for the feet.

The five-toed shovel-shaped PEBA booster plate on the arch of the foot and the heel-encircling TPU design provide excellent anti-torsion performance and support for the feet, and they can initiate steering at any time without fear of changes on the field.

Differential process design of the inner and outer rings, the outer ring particles adopt a solid design, the linear link particle pattern matches the inner ring particle semi-hollow design, multi-angle enhanced ground contact maximizes the wear resistance and anti-skid force of the force area Steady steps, rapid ascent.