Collection: Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci 6

Qi Q-KUNGFU TURBO, Qiaodan sports top rebound technology. Performance upgrade, quality improvement. Using high-performance supercritical foam material, it is both lightweight and highly elastic. On the basis of traditional EVA bring a lighter wearing experience. The light weight has been greatly improved by 32%, and the rebound performance has been increased by 31%.

A sharp weapon in the arena, a rising star in the future. Keldon Johnson's same style basketball shoes.

Professional sole texture, extraordinary grip. Wear-resistant rubber outsole, with parametrically designed sole texture, provides an extraordinary grip experience during travel.

Excellent fit and strong package. The composite upper material is matched with the shoelace system, which is light and firm, firmly locks the feet, and fits strongly, helping to accelerate the game at will.

High-top upper features oversized knit material for lightweight/acceleration/wrap, and forefoot cinch lacing system to stabilize upper against deformation.