Collection: Aaron Gordon x 361° Zen 5

Zen 5, inspired by Chinese Go, uses the concept of heaven and earth and chessboard elements as a new form of yin and yang. The game is like the way of Go, step by step, and firmly control the victory situation.

The dual engines are tough and flexible. QU! KCOTECH technology, surging feedback, high-energy rebound, the propulsion ratio can reach 75%, and the actual combat start is faster.

ENRG-X takes into account toughness and elasticity, with a rebound rate of 65%+ and a supercritical filling of the forefoot, dual engines, and constant power.

Multiple locks, fast and stable. TPU on the side wall, stable and anti-rollover, protecting your every step.

Embedded with a large piece of nylon anti-torsion piece, it is stable and anti-torsion, and improves the power transmission of the foot.

QU! KSKIN multi-layer material composite upper, TPU woven, reduces shoe weight, with UTPEE densely woven mesh + reinforcement layer, to deal with high-intensity actual combat.

Durable rubber outsole with carbon critical bite and checkerboard pattern. Grasp the ground and stop slipping, and make every step.