Collection: 361° Big3 3.0

GUK! KFLAME "supercritical" technology midsole, strong rebound and quick response.
Full palm PEBA supercritical technology, lighter weight, more powerful energy feedback, quick response, control both offensive and defensive ends.

The energy is quickly fed back at the moment of kicking the ground, and the start is fast and fast without procrastination. Efficient cushioning during take-off and landing to relieve the pressure on the feet and knees.

Strong "carbon plate" anti-torsion support. Embedded high-strength carbon plate upgrades the rigidity of the midfoot. Strong and anti-torsion, providing protection for changing direction, emergency stop and emergency start.

Stick to the ground and raid "Strong Boost". The thickness of the forefoot is low, the warp is high, the center of gravity is low, and it is more close to the ground. Start-up force transmission is smoother and provides a boosting feeling during fast movements.

1. The keel height of the forefoot is ~ 15.5mm, the center of gravity is lower and more closely attached to the ground, and the pedaling feedback is faster.
2. The height of the keel of the back palm is ~23.5mm, the material filling is sufficient, and the cushioning limit is high.
3. The drop between the front and back palms is ~8mm, the power potential energy of the high heel difference is outstanding, and the driving feeling is strong.

Brand new guard (shoe sandalwood), wrapped and locked in one step. The forefoot is tightened for more wrapping, and the middle waist is tightened for more flexibility.
The heel is tightened for more locking.

Wear-resistant grip: Use wear-resistant rubber to ensure grip performance, and can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Flexible binding: The binding system enhances the flexibility of the shoe body.

Fit and breathable: professional TPU fly-woven upper, upgrade wrapping and breathability.