Collection: 361° Aaron Gordon AG3

Every moment in the arena also contains the way of yin and yang. Aaron Gordon has a strong interest in traditional Chinese culture, and the design of AG3 is inspired by the design concept of yin and yang. Unity, opposition and mutual transformation, echoing the changing situation of the game, the way of yin and yang balance is given to the boots to activate the all-round performance of offense and defense.

(Dual) engine, quick response. The midsole is double-dense and superimposed with E-tough technology. The rebound of the upper full palm upgrade E-tough technology increases by 68%, ensuring a quick start without delay. The rebound of the E-tough technology in the lower layer of the back palm increases by 65%, and the middle belt of the toughness is soft, helping to stabilize the high jump.

Balance background (stable) output. Embedded nylon fiberglass sheet improves the overall torsion resistance and stability. The TPU on the side wall provides lateral support, inherits the design language of the AG series, and makes the pedaling change more balanced and smooth.

New shoe coffins are adopted, with an 8mm heel difference between the front and back palms. The rolling feeling is stronger and more comfortable, which helps to improve the rhythm of exercise and reduce uncertain injuries during exercise.

Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole. The lines are divided according to the logic of Gordon's motionlaunch an offensive faster and break through the blockade.