Collection: 361° Aaron Gordon AG1

Last year, the "Uncrowned King" Gordon's first-generation signature shoe 361-degree "AG1" was unveiled, and it captured the hearts of many players with its thoughtful design and cost-effective configuration.

Gordon's personal LOGO on the transparent cover. The large knit design of the shoe body gives the feet a sock-like lightweight wrapping feeling and comfortable breathability. Hard coating on the big toe for added protection.

3D KEEL shoe cage technology blessing, strengthen the three-dimensional support effect of the shoe body. The MORPHIT lacing system is designed with webbing and metal lace holes to create a balanced wrap around the shoe body and enhance tensile resistance.

The structural PP film fusing enhances the layering and support of the shoe body, the heel structural two-color TPU strengthens the heel support effect, and the nylon shoe handle is convenient for daily wear and tear. Independent foam is added on both sides of the Achilles tendon, which has excellent wrapping properties. The unique lining material increases friction and reduces heel drop.

The midsole is designed with double-layer technical materials, and the upper layer is made of NFO FOAM ORGAN cushioning material, which wakes up full cushioning during exercise. The underlying QU! KFOAM ∞ (Q elastic super) technology, flexible and rebound, injects strong power into every take-off.

The multi-directional bottom pattern design gives the shoes a smooth grip and long-term wear resistance. The carbon fiber stabilizer of the arch of the foot improves the rigidity and support of the midsole, effectively reducing the fatigue of the soles of the feet. EVA material insole cloth increases friction and reduces the chance of slipping inside the shoe.