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Water is the source and is good for all things. JLIN3 takes the reflection of water as the design inspiration, showing the trend of both static and dynamic, and understanding the way to win on the court.

Extra-explosive rebound technology, XTEP BOOOM starts strongly, with a rebound rate as high as 80%.
The lightweight midsole BOOOM is upgraded and optimized, and the feedback speed is activated to inject flicking kinetic energy into the defender's actual combat.

The composite carbon fiber propulsion system CARBON FIBER provides strong boost and ejection start.

The midsole is embedded with a carbon fiber plate and a nylon fiberglass composite propulsion plate, which has a rapid boost performance, a faster start, an extraordinary fast attack, and a full-speed attack.

The full-length ultra-wear-resistant rubber outsole enhances the anti-slip performance and gives you a full sense of the field, allowing you to gallop on the court to your heart's content.

AIR COMFORT upper technology, circulation and breathability, creating a light and comfortable feeling, flexible wrapping, and silky rhythm.

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