Collection: RIGORER War Ender 2

Everyone has been waiting for a long time, see you at RIGORER. Inspired by the "Fu Chuan" of the Song Dynasty in China, it inherits its stable and durable characteristics, continues to evolve, and condenses into a new legend. With a steady trend, it will play infinite echoes and break through the waves in the new era of the arena.

Quick start, soft landing
The hydrogen technology midsole, nylon elastomer E-TPA physical foaming, improves the comfort of the midsole and has fast rebound.

Synchronous full protection and boost
Equipped with a special-shaped dragon spine carbon plate, it provides anti-rotation protection for the arch of the foot. The carbon plate extends to the forefoot, bringing rapid rebound propulsion, and the outbreak of actual combat is more rapid.

There is a steady force on the side
Outer TPU wrap for improved lateral support. Fast cut-in, flexible direction change, and undiminished power throughout the process.

Anti-rollover, one more BUFF
Rubber flip-up design provides support and protection for the outside of the forefoot. Emergency stop, change of direction, more at ease.

Add a defensive line to the upper
On the inner and outer sides of the forefoot, the dynamic flying line cooperates with the shoelaces to enhance the package and improve the stability in actual combat.

Ankle Comfort and Lockdown
The shoes thick foam padding wraps the ankle comfortably and tightly.

Run and breathe
The upper and tongue are designed with breathability to keep you dry at all times on the field.

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