Collection: RIGORER Hydrogen 2

The full-length "Protium" gas technology in the midsole rebounds and explodes with 60%. Continuing its lightweight and high-elastic properties, the midsole is newly upgraded, and its stability and durability are simultaneously strengthened, bringing players a long-lasting kinetic energy supply.

The speed elastic technology of the forefoot has a rebound force of 72%+, and the speed elastic TPEE supercritical foaming hydrogen technology fills the belly, and the elasticity is 30% higher than that of ordinary materials, helping to start instantly.

Simultaneous expansion of performance and shape: the nylon sheet is enlarged and thickened as a whole, and the torsional coefficient of carbon fiber is upgraded by 10%, which is not afraid of high-strength confrontation.

The double defense cannot roll over, and the inner rubber is turned up and the outer side is convexly supported.

The "heart booster" on the heel, the embracing invisible TPU gives strong support to the foot.

The MONO mesh upper will breathe, and the real-time ventilation and heat dissipation will keep the inside of the shoe dry.

There are multiple blockades on the upper, and the all-inclusive webbing is tightly wrapped with the dynamic flying wire upper. Stable upgrade package supports double lift, and the shoe body is added with wrap-around reinforcement. The pace is changeable, and it can always stick to it.

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