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In the jungle, the spirit snake came out of its hole.
On the pitch, your presence.
Duya is your weapon, ambush the prey and bite the opponent, giving the opponent a fatal blow.
Just like your super grip, it brings more stable combat performance.
Born to be a hunter, who dares to refuse to accept it on the court!

契 Q-KUNGFU PRO rebound technology. Q-KUNGFU-PRO foams evenly with full particles. Ordinary technology bottom, the size of the foam is different and the force is uneven.

Supercritical technology materials
It is a material that adopts a new physical foaming process. The supercritical material has uniform foaming, excellent appearance and texture, shock absorption, rebound, and energy feedback performance are superior to traditional chemical foaming materials. The production process is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. It represents the general trend of mainstream midsole materials and the new direction of material technology development in the future.

Q-KUNGFU PRO Technology
The precise integration of softness, elasticity and lightness makes it reach the golden triangle ratio, bringing a supercritical experience of foot feel and speed, improving cushioning and rebound performance for actual combat, and feeling the burst of energy.

At the middle waist of the midsole, an embedded TPU anti-torsion piece is added. Greatly enhance the torsion resistance of the whole shoe, improve the stability of the midfoot, and relieve the fatigue of the arch of the foot during continuous running.

The side wall has a large area of TPU, supporting the package. The side wall of the shoe body is surrounded by a large area of TPU to wrap the sole, which greatly improves the lateral support stability and wrapping of the shoe body.

Wear-resistant non-slip rubber outsole provides durable grip.

Anti-collision toe, the upper edge of the toe is designed to prevent toe bumps. The exclusive LOGO of the duya series has a distinctive personality.

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