Collection: Jose Alvarado x Peak Sonic Boom 2.0

Feel the sounds hidden in nature with your heart. Between heaven and earth, between mountains and rivers, there are two eternal harmonious "sounds of nature". This is the source of inspiration for the sonic boom, which contains infinite power.

Under the superimposition of different materials, it highlights the delicate Chinese ink style.

The extended triangular structure of the side wall combined with the visual style of classic Chinese painting presents a semi-stereoscopic visual landscape image

The professional adjustment of the forefoot helps to start quickly. According to the play style requirements of breakthrough guards, the designer made parametric adjustments to the forefoot of the Sonic Boom 2.0 to effectively improve the actual combat performance of the players.

The super magic bullet midsole technology, SUPER P-MOTIVE, has a rebound rate as high as 65%.

The "Super Magic Bullet" midsole technology, which has improved the material formula of the magic bullet midsole, has a 10% higher rebound rate than the previous generation, providing players with lightning-like rebound feedback.

P-LAUNCH structure upgrade. The stable structure of the 1.0 shoe body is upgraded, and the P-Launch hollow three-dimensional midsole module design provides players with excellent support, torsion resistance and fast force transmission.

The upper is equipped with highly twisted heddle fabric, which is quickly wrapped and breathable.

The molded bracket is matched with the PP film, which is high-strength and improves the wrapping of the upper. The dynamic webbing design flexibly fits the elastic requirements of the straps.