Collection: Li Ning Liren 3

The full palm of Li-Ning BOOM technology lowers the center of gravity by 3mm. Start faster, cut in quickly, and every step that hits the ground will give you a strong explosive power, and you will gain momentum every step of the way.

Li-Ning BOOM silk upper technology. Li-Ning BOOM silk yarn is drawn from Li-Ning BOOM. Compared with traditional yarns, BOOM FIBER is lighter, stronger, durable and breathable. The whole body of the shoe is as light as a hair, and the silk penetrates into it, and the comfort and heat dissipation of the foot are comprehensively improved. Even when the firepower is fully fired, it can always remain calm.

BOOM FIBER combines dynamic wrapping system to provide mid-section tight wrapping. The "integration of human and shoe" experience on the feet will help you face challenges and break new ground.

Double stability, every step is as stable as a rock. Double-layer surround injection TPU releases the performance of the midsole. The double anti-torsion pieces in the midsole upgrade the arch support, improving the rigidity of the shoe body and anti-rollover performance. Stable and support all-round strengthening.

High wear resistance, high anti-slip. Strong grip, easy to deal with various courts. TUFF RB rubber outsole, combined with liren LOGO radial herringbone pattern, provides stronger grip for the sole.